Strategy, Support,
Coaching & Learning

A 360-degree approach to marketing your business for success

This three-month intensive coaching package gives new business owners and entrepreneurs the tools, resources, expertise and support they need to make their venture a success.

Whether you’re a start-up or an independent business owner, my Success & Support Package is designed to equip you with the infrastructure and knowledge you need so your business can fly.

If you’re passionate about your business idea but need a helping hand to ensure it can go the distance, or if you’re tired of investing in failed marketing initiatives, this intensive combination package is for you.

Are you ready to:

commit to your business ?

grow an engaged customer base ?

feel confident about the future of your business?

Then let’s do this.

My 90-day Success & Support Package blends self-study and resources with 121 coaching, marketing consultancy, and on-going support; together we’ll transform your business dreams into a reality.


● Need help structuring and setting up your services and products?
● Struggle to know where to start?
● Want to have more clients?
● Find yourself fighting fires without making tangible progress?
● Worry about spending money without an ROI?
● Feel overwhelmed by how much you have to juggle?
● Wish you had more support and felt less alone?

I get it. Setting up a business and making it thrive takes all of your headspace and energy and you can’t afford to make mistakes. That’s why my Success & Support package is orientated toward not only giving new business owners a bespoke strategy, but also the theory and marketing tools that’ll equip you with the knowledge you need to make your business sustainable and successful.

Imagine how would your business look if you had:

● The insight and support of a marketing professional?
● The knowledge of what makes a business work?
● A comprehensive understanding of the core marketing and business skills you need to thrive?
● A cohesive marketing plan that sets out the path to reach your goals?
● A clear idea of how and where to target your ideal client?
● An engaged and growing audience?
● An effective advertising strategy?
● A social media presence that worked hard for you?
● Clarity over how to sustainably build your business?

Not only will I provide you with an in-depth bespoke marketing strategy, our ongoing 121 coaching will hone your marketing mindset so you can think like a marketeer. You’ll also be able to soundboard your challenges and fears with an experienced professional. You don’t have to feel alone.

I’ll help keep you accountable, motivated and energised so you can stay on track, while sharing my expertise so you can face any issues with confidence.

It’s time for your business to launch, flourish and thrive.

As a business owner myself, I understand exactly how important it is to get things right when you launch your product, brand or service to the world. But without a clear strategy for reaching and converting your ideal clients, it can be tough to get traction, even when everything else is right.

My Success & Support Package comes is your go-to course for advice, insight, expertise and support. So what are you waiting for?


My Success & Support Package includes the following:

1 x 1:1 Marketing Strategy Day Package
6 x Fortnightly Coaching Sessions
6 x Self Led Study Courses for your Marketing Toolkit
Access to my private Facebook Community Group

So how does this look in practice?

We kick things off with an immersive Marketing Strategy Day which comprises of:

● An introductory In-depth Consultation where you can layout your business
vision and challenges and identify your year-end goals.
● Following this, I’ll send you a bespoke 90-day Marketing Strategy Plan to tackle
the next three months
● A 60-minute Implementation Session follows where we’ll discuss the plan in
detail so you can action it with confidence
● As you start to put it into practice we’ll convene again for a 30 minute Follow Up
● Support session to troubleshoot as and when you need.

As well as a marketeer I’m also a qualified coach and understand how to motivate people and get the most of them while maximising their potential. We’ll keep in close contact with fortnightly coaching calls. Lasting an hour each time we’ll work on:

● Reviewing and reassessing your business’s development
● Reframing your mindset so you can market like a pro
● Problem-solving any challenges
● Keeping your motivation high
● Drilling deeper into any part of the strategy or self-study so you can always feel confident and clear about what you’re doing.

You’ll receive a comprehensive online self-study programme, a set of Marketing Masterclasses that are split into several modules to get you proficient and confident with a range of essential marketing skills.

You can study at your own pace and will have access to my private Facebook Group
where you can ask me questions to support your learning.

When you put these elements together, the strategy, the learning, the support and the resources, you have the ingredients to create a successful, sustainable business.

In fact, you’ll already be well on your way, with the kind of confidence, clarity and insight that other entrepreneurs have taken years to master.


Audience Masterclass
You’ll learn how to create audience personas that represent your ideal client, so you can target your marketing and messaging to engage and convert your target customer

Email Marketing Masterclass
Understand how to build an email list, how to communicate effectively, how often and what content they should be using.

Website Masterclass
Master how to create a strong digital presence with a website that works hard to sell your business, plus learn how to use simple but effective SEO techniques so you can be found by your ideal client.

Paid Advertising Masterclass
Learn how to use paid advertising confidently and tactically use paid adverts to reach your ideal client, discover which adverts work best and what content you should be using, and when.

Social Media Masterclass
Get social media savvy in this module that includes Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook for business. You’ll learn what content works, how often to post and how to appeal to your target customer.

You’ll also get to grips with how to master Facebook pages, build a vibrant Facebook group and will learn which content drives results. As well as gaining a deeper understanding of how to use LinkedIn to build your profile, you’ll learn techniques for effective communication and networking strategies that convert to reach, leads and sales.

Content That Converts Masterclass
Get clear on how to create a content marketing strategy that delivers results.
Understand how your client consumes content on various devices (including desktop and mobile) as well as how to write engaging content that resonates and converts to customers.


Investment £1997 (Instalment plan available)



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