To flourish in business you need to feel competent

Meet Lynda

I believe doing what you love is the best foundation for starting a business. But the biggest challenge is to be visible online, reach your audience and attract clients that’ll return and evangelise about your product or service. That’s where I come in.

I’m a dynamic, award-winning marketeer with a reputation for innovation and creativity. With over twenty years experience, I’ve acquired a 360-degree knowledge of the digital marketing landscape, so I know what it takes to transform a business from survival mode to being at the top of its game.

I’ve spent my career at the heart of the digital revolution and have been instrumental in championing revolutionary approaches to achieve growth. I started one of the earliest music download stores in the UK, digitally transforming Defected Records and driving millions of mobile app downloads for Samsung. I understand SME businesses inside out and used my extensive knowledge to launch a global marketplace app to help small businesses in emerging countries. Please read my full work history on LinkedIn

I’m passionate about innovation and maximising the potential of any business, no matter its size. I work with entrepreneurs, independent businesses and start-ups with my consultancy services and courses, to transform the struggle into success. I understand mobile and digital inside out, from social to online to email and more.

Fundamentally, I know what it takes to make a customer convert and, crucially, how to retain them for the long-term.

For me it all comes down to understanding your product or service, your ideal client and your vision and how to reach and engage with your audience effectively. It’s also so important to ensure your business is highly visible, where it counts.

As well as being a marketeer, I’m an internationally renowned house DJ, a passion which is completely in alignment with my values of creativity and innovation. By performing and playing music people love and developing a strong personal brand, I’ve built up a following of over 50k and have played at major events around the world.

I’m also mum to a pre-schooler so I understand first hand what it takes to work efficiently while juggling multiple responsibilities.

So, if you’re ready to upscale your business and take things to a new level, let me help create your own bespoke strategy for success.

Find out more about how to work with me here.